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Dear Readers and Colleagues,


Welcome to the second issue of Neurologia Croatica in 2023. We have finished the first successful year under the new editorial board of Neurologia Croatica. In this issue of the journal, we bring you two neurological reviews on rare neurological diseases: posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome and spinal muscular atrophy associated with progressive myoclonic epilepsy. Furthermore, several interesting case reports indicate difficulties in the diagnosis and treatment of people with neurological diseases in everyday clinical practice are presented. A very educational case by Prof. Džamonja from University Hospital Center Split describes Marchiafava–Bignami disease which is a rare but not forgotten complication of chronic alcoholism. In that regard, we invite young neurologists in training to submit preliminary results of their research and interesting case reports to our journal.

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67. Editorial
   Mario Habek

69. Spinal muscular atrophy associated with progressive myoclonic epilepsy – clinical, genetic, and biochemical variability: selected literature review
    Marin Begović, Željka Petelin Gadže, Ervina Bilić

77. Definition and historical overview of posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome
    Kim Bogdan Veljković, Iva Benić, Zdravka Poljaković-Skurić

87. Bilateral facial palsy and left abducens palsy in a patient with neuroborreliosis
    Paula Božić, Romana Perković, Nataša Klepac, Fran Borovečki

91. Combined surgical and Gamma Knife treatment of extremely rare hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma brain metastasis in the eloquent region
    Manuela Frančić, Niko Njirić, Biljana Đapić Ivančić, Antonija Jakovčević, Vesna Bišof, Romana Perković, Jakob Nemir

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